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April 27, 2012
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:: Lully Pop Reference Sheet :: by Yamiikarus :: Lully Pop Reference Sheet :: by Yamiikarus
EDIT: Flipped back the default outfit and added more info!

EDIT²: Minor changes on her outfit, and color ajustments, the pink on ther fabric is slightly darker. Also added bandaid details, and the bandaid on the leg due falling from the high heels... xDDD

NO MORE CHANGES! It's done! xD

PS: Since this is a reference for General audience, I haven't made her nipples and female parts, but I added the info about them now!


I was praticing anatomy with Lully, then Suddenly I had the idea to use the pic I sketched to make her alternative outfit... Then I decided to transform it into her Ref Sheet... TA-DA! :3

About Lully Pop:

The bunny clubber known only as Lully Pop, since her true name is unknown, is a 21 years old female born in a common family at Brazil.
She came to Holand yet young, so she doesn't know very much about Brazil, but know how to speak portuguese, due her mom.

Lully is the middle daughter, her other sisters are Bonny (Wich Lully has a great annoyance) the older, and Rosso, the youger. Lully haven't met her father, she was created only by her mother.

Lully's mother died when she was 12, then Lully had to work to feed the family, since Bonny used to live away from home. Lully worked as waitress at Madam Yolanda's cabaret, without knowing that Yolanda was her aunt, when she finally discovered, Yolanda decided to adopt Lully and her family, and take care of them since then.
Today Lully works as dancer (not stripper) and DJ at some Clubs too.

Lully's personality is very cute, playful, cheerful and kinda childish, she likes to dance and tease around. She's dressed like that because she was inspired to Yolanda's outfit, wich is pretty revealing too. She loves vibrant colors to transmit her energy, her favorite are neon green and pink.

Lully personality in deep down is kinda problematic. She had to take huge responsabilities yet young, so she grew up somehow confused. Lully has a huge afraid of being alone, and sometimes when depressed, Lully has a distorted vision about herself that she calls "Anti", but no one else can see her.

Lully Pop © =Yamiikarus :iconyamiikarus:

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Very lovely dear,the flow of her hair is just so wonderfully illustrated.Her fur is just so soft and plush,and I simply love the coloring of her clothes,and the blend and color of her hair is beautiful.But this illustration is just beautiful dear,her tail is simply adorable,and the way you've added information throughout the picture is wonderful.I know I'm going on a bit much,but this illustration is just too lovely for words.I abesolutely love this character,and I must say that she is a fit bunny indeed ;3 Anyways I'm pleased to see something so wonderful,and I can't wait to see more improvement from you.
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While I envy your ability to pick a visually pleasing color palette, I'm actually.... a bit surprised with this piece. The anatomy is wrong, and I'd rather not list the ways that it is so. I do love the way you've done Lully's hair and ears, and her feet don't look half bad either, but I think that and the color is the extent to my "feel-goods" as far as the body goes. I keep inadvertently focusing on her neck/clavicle area, where the extreme definition leads me to believe that Lully may be emaciated, and as my eye flows down, I see at least three different body types. It makes it hard to concentrate on anything but her face.
Lully's outfit designs are beautiful, as always, and the way you've presented them, in layers, makes them much easier to analyze and reproduce if someone were interested in doing fanart. I think that was a fantastic system. I myself am guilty of a large amount of laziness, and will often abandon reference pages about 1/4 of the way through, but I suppose having a character you love to death really helps. I think that "rave" characters have always caught my eye, and with how much Lully Pop is really out there, I can see why other people like her so much. The way the reference sheet itself is set up very well as well, and I enjoy looking it over repeatedly; even without Lully it would be super cute and fun to use.
Overall, I think color usage and outfit design are both strong pluses, but anatomical incorrectness really bring the entire thing down for me.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
23 out of 25 deviants thought this was fair.

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kadeathnas Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
great jobClap Clap Clap Clap 
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She looks so hot
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The.. anatomy.. is.. buggING ME
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What a crazy OC and you drawn it really well :D:D
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I added her on skype but my name there is scottman231
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This is the legit Little Candy Raver XD
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